I was bored the other day and was in the mood to listen to some Jay-Z. After searching through my itunes, mixtapes and albums I realized, I’ve played all this shit to death. I want some new Jay. But there hasn’t been any new Jay-Z in like forever. Now I know he did all those tracks Tracks for Kanye’s last album, did a guest verse for Sade and then of course there’s “H.A.M.” but those are only verses that he’s featured on.

Where’s a full length song? I want to hear some new Hov dammit. Blueprint 3 came out in 2009. I think we’re due a new album. I mean it’s not like he’s putting out J. Cole’s album. It’s not like he got Beyonce pregnant. The Nets continue to suck ass. So what the hell has the Jiggaman been doing?

Well we know he’s working on Watch the Throne with Kanye. Which is cool but I want a new Jay-Z full length, and I don’t mean hair.How about a Blueprint 4 or In My Lifetime Vol 4? Maybe give us something new. In a way this is his fault. I mean the man gave us new music for as he said it “seven straight summers”. Even during his so-called retirement there was enough material to keep fans satisfied. So what’s with this drought? A verse here or there it’s not enough I demand more. The worst part is he doesn’t even give us anything to hold us down. Where’s J. Cole or Jay Electronica? He has a label and he doesn’t even put out artists. Look at it this way with no new music to go on tour, Memphis Bleek is so bored he’s putting out music. Who the hell wants that? Not me, not anymore. I tried, I can’t support Bleek anymore. But I can support Jay I got $14.99 to throw down on a new album. That’s right an album cause we know Jay ain’t putting out a mixtape.

So there let’s hope that once he’s done making this album with Kanye. Mr Carter will decide to give us a new album to listen to and argue about. Cause I want some new shit, I bought all the old albums.


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