Ok here we go, some new mixtapes, well not really we have some EPs and albums today on MIXTAPE ROUND-UP. I meant to post this yesterday but I’ve been busy working on stuff and I decided instead of waiting another week I’ll just unload this weeks new music. Because I feel I’m gonna have a truck load more for next Tuesday.

1st up we have the first mixtape from L entitled The Last 12 Months, it’s a collection of all his music from the last 12 months and it includes the “Past Due” Remix. Next up we have another Toronto MC TFHOUSE who is releasing his second mixtape Superior Taste. Don’t sleep on Kaya’s Imperfections EP this is a collection of samples, thoughts and unfinished music, it’s some really great stuff. She has an amazing voice. Prodigy put out a new joint The Ellsworth Bumpy Johnson EP, I haven’t taken in the whole thing yet but I like what I heard. Just before I went to bed I saw Covert Coup online it’s an album from Curren$y and Alchemist. I’m not a big Curren$y fan but I’ll listen to anything Alchemist does and trust me this is worth the listen. DJ Royale said he would even buy it. The last mixtape is Donnis Southern Lights mixtape. I’ve had this one for a while but I was on the fence with Donnis. I didn’t really like his last mixtape but I have to say this is great improvement.

L – The Last 12 Months

TFHOUSE – Superior Taste

For music from Prodigy, Kaya, Donnis and Curren$y

Kaya – Imperfections EP

Curren$y & Alchemist – Covert Coup

Prodigy – The Ellsworth Bumpy Johnson EP

Donnis – Southern Lights


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