Anytime a comic book movie comes out one of the most watched aspects of it are the costumes. Are they faithful to the comic? Does it look cool? I have to say it’s a 50/50 split when it comes to this. Sometimes it works in favour of the film and other times it misses the mark by a long shot. Few films have done a great job of bringing our favorite heroes to life on the big screen. Iron Man, Spider-Man and Superman are perfect examples of staying true to the comics. Batman and X-Men deviate from their comic book look but their film costumes are still very well done Especially X-Men. Now fumbles have been made such as Daredevil and Elektra and go back and check out Spawn’s costume. This summer the Green Lantern will make his film debut and of course one of the biggest topics of conversation around this movie is his costume. Instead of going with spandex, rubber, leather or any other materials like in many other comic adaptations the producers decided to go with a full CGI costume.

What do you think of the costume?

For my answer and more pics.

When I first heard of the idea I was like what the hell that sounds so dumb and lazy. Then I read interviews and read what they said about Green Lantern and his powers. His ring allows him to create anything with his mind. The suit is an extension of that, it’s energy around his body not some suit that he puts on. So in a way the producers get the W for that one. It’s a gutsy move on their part to create something like this. It’s very groundbreaking and it stays true to the concept of what Green Lantern is.

Another thing is we’ve only seen pics of the costume we have yet to see this thing in all it’s 3D action. We’ve gotten little glimpses in the trailer and Wondercon footage but we can’t really say much til the movie comes out. I think they did a great job the only thing I find weird is how we can see his toes.


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