My friend Char Loro put together this fantastic doc about Toronto’s street art movement with Dylan McFadyen, Eric Kupp. The doc features interviews with Zion of The Bombshelter, The Under the Radar crew and Graff Artist Teaser. They talk about their feelings on Toronto’s street art and there’s an interesting bit on Rob Ford and the war he wants to wage with T.O. Graff Artists.

My Thoughts

I’ve always been a fan of Toronto’s graffiti, the alleys behind Queen Street are like a free art gallery. To take that down would be a huge loss to the city. I agree with Zion on the topic of working with the city to separate the vandals from the artist. But at the same time some of the “vandals” are artists. Part of what makes graffiti cool is the fact that someone just tags a spot in the middle of night. I hope the city can work with people to come up with a great solution, because cleaning a wall over will just give writers a clean new wall to bomb.

Overall Char and her team did a great job with this short doc, I would have liked to see something from the City Hall’s perspective, even the store owners and the people of Toronto. I think in the 10 minutes they brought awareness to what’s going on.


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