Snoop Dogg has made one of my favorite albums of 2011. Come to think about it should be, Doggumentary is Snoop’s 11th album and after almost 20 years Snoop should be putting out nothing but heat. Doggumentary is just that good old fashion West Coast G-Funk. Now this isn’t the best Snoop album but it continues the legacy of one of Hip Hop’s greatest entertainers.

Even with no Dr Dre or Neptunes production The Dogg still gets some hot beats to keep trunks rattling all spring. The production on this album is top-notch I can’t think of one beat I didn’t like. Snoop has a great ear for beats. Now some of the samples we’ve heard before like on songs like “Cold Game”, “Wonder What I Do” and “The Way I Used To Be” but they’ve been flipped so well that I really didn’t care. Another great addition to this album is the guest list. Snoop brought some of his friends along to help make the album bang even harder. He’s got his usuals like Daz, Latoiya Williams, and Kokane. West Coast homies Too $hort and E-40. Weed smoking buddies Devin The Dude and Wiz Khalifa. T-Pain, Kanye West and Young Jeezy even show up. Two collabos I was worried about were the songs with The Gorillaz and Willie Nelson, both songs were really good. Everyone has great chemistry with Snoop and they don’t take over the track. As for Snoop he’s still the same old Snoop you really can’t teach the dogg new tricks. He basically stays in his lane lyrically.

I can say I was genuinely surprised by this album. Snoop hasn’t lost his touch and can still put out solid albums. It’s definitely worth picking up. I don’t have a favorite song because I just let it play from beginning to end and I never have to hit the skip button. But if I did have to pick 3 I’d go with “My Fucn House”, “I Don’t Need No Bitch” and “Gangbang Rookie”.


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