Lupe Fiasco’s Lasers has been out almost a month now. We had Fiasco Week over here on the site. The album had a #1 debut, it’s Lupe’s best first week numbers to date. Right now it’s number 3 on the Billboard 200. Yesterday Wiz Khalifa’s album dropped and something hit me.

Where is the video for “Words I Never Said” or any other video from Lasers?

My answer or rant

Like what the hell Atlantic, dude puts out the album you wanted. So where’s the video for the song? I did some research, the video was shot. So what’s the hold up? The song has been out almost 2 months, the album hit #1 and the song was well received so there isn’t a reason that a video shouldn’t be put out. The last video that came out from Lasers was “Show Goes On” and that came out in December. Even Lupe’s song with Trey Songz is getting some spins on Hot 97 are we going to have to wait till June for a video for that song?

I mean it’s really wack that we have to wait so long to see videos from Lupe like he’s some Toronto rapper that puts a video out 3 months after the songs release. Atlantic needs to step up and support their other artists and not just Wiz Khalifa.


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