Last week in TRAILER PARK, I had a lil rant about Warner Bros studios will start making movies with the DC Superheroes. I mean Marvel is going hard right now with their films and are about to drop the Avengers next year. DC is playing catch up now. I think their off to a good start we have Green Lantern coming this summer. Next year we’ll see new movies from Batman and Superman! What about after? DC has tons of amazing characters that are loved and known by millions. I mean Warner Bros owns all of the characters so it’s not hard to just pick a character other than Batman and make a movie. So I made a list of 10 films I would love to see made before I die.

Entourage may have been on to something with James Cameron directing an Aquaman. Why not just make this a reality. If anyone can make Aquaman entertaining Cameron can. We already know he loves the water and loves to make his own worlds just check out The Abyss or Avatar.

Rich playboy becomes a superhero, yeah it sounds familiar to Batman, but Green Arrow could be DC’s answer to Iron Man. Audiences have been introduced to the character via Smallville so a film showing the adventures of Oliver Queen shouldn’t be a tough sell.

Yes he’s a DC hero, his comic might not have been that popular but his Saturday Morning cartoon ran for many seasons and he’s had many crossovers in the series. If done right this could be a big hit for DC besideds Blade and Spawn we haven’t had a Black Superhero get the Blockbuster treatment. Plus DC owes one after they made Steel.

This one is a no brainer, Teen Titans have gained popularity from the hit TV series, a film starring the who’s who of young Hollywood could equal big bucks. The team rotates so much that you could have a strong film without Robin or Superboy but it would be stupid to do it without them.

Now this has been in the works for years. With The Rock attached to play the villain Black Adam. Let’s get this movie going Warners. Captain Marvel needs to be seen in 3D.

For the Top 5

The 90s TV show proves that this would make a great film. So what’s the hold up in bringing the fastest man alive to theaters? I still think Ryan Reynolds should play the Flash and not the Green Lantern.

Forget the TV Show, let’s get a Wonder Woman movie damn it. Joss Whedon had a script which I’ll bet was fantastic. Wonder Woman is 70 years old and still hasn’t gotten a film that’s a crime. Whatever they do don’t let Kim Kardashian play her.

Batman is DC and Warners biggest cash cow. Now you know the Christopher Nolan movies will be held in high regard and it will be awhile before anyone will want to follow up those movies. So why not just go into the future and bring us Batman Beyond. My vote for old Bruce Wayne Clint Eastwood or Harrison Ford.

They have to do a Justice League movie. If there’s one thing comic fans want all over the world is to see all of their favorite heroes in one film. If you aren’t going to do any of the other movies at least do this. We’re already seeing how Marvel is setting up their Avengers movie so you can go that approach or create something than blow that out of the water.

If we don’t get a Justice League movie I’ll settle for this. Kingdome Come reads like an epic movie just take the book and use it as a story board simple as that.



  1. i agree with most of this. At least make a JUSTICE LEAGUE movie, & Dc comics should do their “homework” & make it the best movie they can. Believeability & Realism are key to making a great movie about comic book hero’s. A great screenplay & writers who know what they’re doing, also helps a lot. And whoever or whomever is responsible for making the decisions of what actors plays what characters; please make sure that you choose the “right one’s.” The audience & fans seem to know, so why can’t the producers & those who choose the actors do the same?

    e.g. Christopher Reeves made a great superman. The actors in the past who’ve been chosen to play “BATMAN” i haven’t always approved of. However, Christian Bale, i think made a really good “Batman.”

    Producers need to make sure that they do probably the most important thing: LISTEN TO THE FANS & YOUR AUDIENCE! I know, — i don’t know, who should play which characters, but there are those fans & movie critics who do.

    Use Star wars for example; G. Lucas chose the right actors to portray his characters in both sets of movies. Do the same thing for the DC comics characters as well, & whatever movie DC produces should be a great hit.

    I’ve seen two HULK movies. The 1st one fans were very dissappointed; i kind of was too; just didn’t know why. Then the 2nd one came out & it was completely different. The fans really loved that one; so did i. I don’t know what the fans “see” that i don’t in what makes a great DC comics character movie, but i do know one thing, everyone else is usually right.

    You can’t please everyone, but you don’t have to. It’s just like owning a business, LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS & give them what they want!

    Respectfully Chris R.

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