Yesterday I had to meet a friend at the Chapters at John and Richmond. While waiting I noticed an abundance of teenage girls hanging around the place, I figured it was a school trip. I was wrong they were camping outside of Much Music to get Juno Award Fan Fest wristbands, nothing wrong with camping out at Much. I used to work at Queen and John I saw it all the time. What made this time stick out to me was the fact that there was a snow storm in Toronto yesterday! I thought these girls are crazy camping out in the snow for wristbands to just get a minute with an artist. The funny part the girls that wanted to meet Drake were pissed they waited in line only to find out he won’t even be attending.

I didn’t take a pic of the line, I should have.

Would you stand in a snow storm for hours just to meet your favorite artists for an autograph?

For my answer

Ok I thought about this one long and hard and the answer is, no. No way in hell I’m gonna wait in line in the SNOW for an autograph and a pic. Fuck that if I’m waiting in the snow it’s to have at least 15 min of an artist time. I’m not knocking the girls who did it cause it would make a fun story about the dumb things you do as a kid. But even as a kid I don’t think I would stand in the snow. I think it’s the snow I just can’t do it. I mean I did trudge through a Montreal snowstorm for a Jay-Z album, but then again I was 17. See makes a fun story 11 years later.


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