Lupe Fiasco has worked with some great artists in his career Jay-Z, Kanye West, Jill Scott and B.O.B. are just a few. There are still surprisingly some people he’s never worked with. I’ve been playing Lasers like crazy over the last few days and thought man some songs would sound great with this artist on it with Lupe or if there was a remix he should so have this person on it.

Nas – All Black Everything Remix
All Black Everything is the best song on Lasers. Lupe envisions a world where slavery never happened, Malcolm Little died as an old man and racism never existed. It sounds like something Nas would do. So why not get Nasir Jones on a remix. Believe it or not these lyrical masters have never done a song together. This would be the perfect song to pair these guys up on.

I have to more collabs I would love to hear.

J Cole, Black Thought, Jay Electronica – Words I Never Said Remix
Lupe’s second single could use a remix, and why not get J. Cole a member of the All City Chess Club to give his point of view on the world issues. While we’re at it get Cole’s Roc Nation label mate Jay Electronica to put in his two cents. To keep the lyrical attack goin’ let’s throw Black Thought of The Roots in the mix. Put those with Lupe and you have a mega hit on your hands.

Kid Cudi – Beautiful Lasers
No disrespect to MDMA who do a great job on the song. But switch them up and let Cudi handle hook duties for track seven. Cudi is no stranger to taking us to the dark side of his soul and he would have been a perfect co-pilot for one of the darker tracks in Lupe’s catalogue.


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