It’s hard to believe it’s been fourteen years since we lost the great Notorious B.I.G. His legacy still lives on today through his music, movies and so much more.

Where were you when you found out he was shot?

My answer

I had just came home that day, it was a Sunday. One reason that Biggies death always sticks with me is because it was two days after my youngest brother was born. I had been at my aunt’s all weekend so arriving home. I was speaking to my dad and he asked me if I was a fan of the rapper that got shot. I thought he meant Tupac which we were both fans of at the time. He said no the other one Biggie Smalls and then he told me what happened. To be honest I was shocked, his album was just about to drop and I was excited to go get it. I have to say I was truly sad because Biggie was at the peak of his career. It was also just a few months after Tupac was killed. It was crazy to see your favorite rappers continue to be gunned down. It did make me think who would be next. I even remember the next day in school my french teacher asked us how we felt about it and why is it that these rappers are being killed. She wasn’t a fan but she wanted to know why are these artists killing each other or if not each other why are they being killed and by who. It’s unfortunate that after fourteen years we still don’t have an arrest or anything about the people who killed him.

R.I.P Christopher Wallace aka Notorious B.I.G.


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