Today an old co-worker emailed me this pic from her class, they were looking at Police line-ups. Look at the middle guy bottom row.

Holy shit!! That dude could be my evil twin.

I mean I’ve heard the saying everyone has someone who looks like them out there, but damn. I even had to do a double take. What if he’s still wanted? What if I try to go to the States and that facial recognition software thinks I’m him?

Oh well, it is a good laugh. I’m going to call my mother to make sure she didn’t give one kid away or something.

I checked the site where she got the pic and I even fit the description in the line-up. Check out the assignment HERE.


3 thoughts on “MY EVIL TWIN!!!!

  1. Taurean…you better hope there’s no reward for his arrest…i’m seriously considering bringing you in for some extra dollas! lol!!

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