Remember going to HMV on a Tuesday and walking out with a bag full of new music? I do and I miss those days, well my pockets are fuller cause of it. Last year Artists new and old dropped mixtapes like albums non stop and it wasn’t all on one day. You’d get stuff at Midnight on Sunday, something drops at 3 in the afternoon on a Thursday. Well to make your life easier, I’m starting a Tuesday mixtape round-up I’ll be posting my favorite Mixtapes from artists of the past week. I’ll only post the ones I like or I think are worth taking up valuable Ipod or Harddrive space.

This week I have 2 offerings first is a new one from everyone’s fav Pot-Head rapper and Amber Rose’s new BF Wiz Khalifa. His Cabin Fever mixtape is 9 all new original songs. Nice lil gift to hold us over til his album drops. My guess these are joints that didn’t make the cut. Next up is a sorta new one from Diddy and the Dirty Money ladies. There’s 4 new songs here and the rest is the really good cuts from Last Train to Paris.

Wiz Khalifa – Cabin Fever

Diddy Dirty Money – Love Love VS Hate Love


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