Ok I just posted the XXL Freshmen 11 cover below. While writing it I dug up the Freshmen 10 from 09 issue. Personally I think it’s the best one they’ve had in the 4 years since it’s been out.

Which class is your favorite freshmen class?

For my answer

I’m stickin with ’09 hands down. These guys were all exciting and different from what was out at the time. They were all bringing something new to the table. 7 out of the 10 put out an album, Cudi has 2 and Curren$y puts out albums like Prince. Last year none of the Freshmen had dropped an album. The 09 class to me was the most diverse we so many different styles. Almost everyone lived up to their hype or cept for Charles Hamilton. Sure Wale’s debut didn’t sell like crazy but he’s rolling with Rick Ross now so that has to account for something his hard work paid off. Blu continues to play by his own rules which works fine for him. Only guy who didn’t really blow up on this list was Mickey Factz. The 1st class in 08 was dope but most of those guys aren’t around anymore save for Lupe, Joell Ortiz, Crooked I and Saigon who finally dropped his album last week.
Let’s hope the 11 class can live up to the standard set by the 09 class.


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