Here it is, probably the most anticipated issue of XXL since they started doing their yearly Freshmen issue. Yeah the cover leaked yesterday. But it was a leak, there wasn’t even word on the release date. It’s March 15th if you were wondering. This year they picked 11 instead of the usual 10.

Check it out.

My thoughts

It’s a good list. The 09 class is my personal favorite. I’m glad Kendrick Lemar is on the list he is the best of the bunch. Diggy deserves his spot the kid can rap and people can’t complain that there isn’t a New York rapper this time around. Lil B as much as I dislike him, he’s a force in the game right now he has fans and you can’t deny that so I guess he fits right in. All of the major crews have an artist on it Lil Twist, Cyhi The Prince, Yelawolf & Meek Mill will do Young Money, G.O.O.D. Music, Shady and Maybach Music good respectively. As for Mac Miller, Fred The Godsong and YG I honestly haven’t taken much of a listen I will after this.

I mean that’s what the point of this Freshmen issue is about, right. Showcasing the artists that we should be looking out for, the torch bearers of Hip Hop. What I like about these issues is that XXL picks a range of artists not just the next underground guy or the guy with the most features. I’m not gonna try to figure out how they select the artists. Cause it must be the biggest pain in the ass for the staff over there. I do respect it, I will go and google and youtube the guys I’m not familiar with and see if they are the future of hip hop. You will do the same for the artists you may have never heard of before today. Either way XXL is doing their job of informing us of new talent and trying to push the culture forward. Will these guys change the game? Only time will tell.

In case you were wondering here’s the 09 class. I think it’s the best one yet, in terms of success.

What do you think of the Freshmen 11?


2 thoughts on “GOT IT COVERED: XXL APRIL 2011 FRESHMEN 11 OF 2011

  1. Nice observation, and yeah the ’09 class was the best so far. Most of the dudes on that list make pretty amazing music and none of them really caught any huge Ls or died down with their buzz, except Charlie:)))

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