Here we go ladies and gents some new movie trailers that premiered this week. Finally we have a look at the new X-Men: First Class movie. I’m excited for this one we get to see the formation of the movie universe X-Men. I say movie universe because the movie universe and comic universe are two different things plain and simple. I’m not gonna go all comic nerd here about it, but this movie is a prequel to the 1st X-Men movie set in the 1960s. Should be good. Next up we have Arthur which is a remake of the Dudley Moore classic that I’ve seen many times when I was a kid. This looks pretty funny Russell Brand is hilarious and I think this movie will show it off real good. Finally, this one came outta nowhere. A new Thor trailer, this time we get a little bit more about the story and what will be happening. I’m really excited for it.

Check ’em out

X-Men First Class




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