Last week I was bored and decided to kill some time on Youtube or I was looking for something. Anyways I stumbled on to this really cool video called “2010: A Symphony of Violence”. I watched this 3 min video of non stop violence and was very entertained. I think I watched it three times. I thought I gotta post this on here and then I thought, who made this video? I didn’t just want to put up. So I did a lil research and found out that the video is a compilation of videos made by Freddie W. The videos are all 2 to 3 min action sequences that are better than most movies and are pretty funny. There are new videos every week that our posted on his Youtube page. I’ve been watching them all week long and I posted my favs as well as “Symphony of Violence” and this weeks short “Huge Guns”. My favorite one is “Mordern Warfare” and “Chrono Trigger” actually they’re all good and highly addictive. Enjoy.

2010: A Symphony of Violence

Huge Guns

Check out all of the videos HERE

To see my favorite videos

Future First Person Shooter

Chrono Trigger: Short Action Scene

Gun Size Matters

The Rocket Jump

Light Warfare

Mordern Warfare: Frozen Crossing Pt 1

Pt 2


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