2010 is almost over and I decided to take it easy and not do any events. Then I realized I can’t miss out on the last Main Ingredient of the year. That has to be my favorite party ever. Every month it’s so much fun. The people, the energy and of course the music. If you haven’t been to one yet. I urge you to get your friends and family and come to revival for an amazing time. This should be a great one DJ Moni from L.A. will be joining DJs Sean Sax and Agile.

Check out DJ Moni’s SFNY mix. It’s just a taste of what to expect on Saturday.

I’m not done there, turns out I needed something to do for NYE. So I decided to go back to Augusta House with DJ Royale, Big Jacks and Bozack Morris. This was a no brainer for me I’ve had some great times at Augusta House that place brings a certain energy out of people. What’s even better is DJ Eleven from NYC’s The Rub is coming down. He spun at my birthday party and that was an epic adventure. What better way to end the year.

Check out his WEBSITE for his amazing mixes.

For additional info on both of these events, go to the EVENTS page.


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