Today marks the 30th anniversary of the death of music icon and legend John Lennon. Lennon was a member of one of the most loved bands in the world, The Beatles. 30 years later Lennon is still loved and talked about by fans and music lovers all over the world. It got me thinking wow he really had an impact on music and touched many people. So it made me think what would music be like today if he was here, and then I thought what if a lot of musicians that are gone what if they were still here.

What do you think music would be like today if legends like John Lennon, Curt Cobain, Biggie, Tupac and Aaliyah were stilll alive?

For my answer

I think for sure things would be very different. The artists I named are only a small few that were trail blazers in their respective genre. One thing they all share is that they left us too soon at the prime of their careers. To me it’s a question that has opens more questions such as would they do this or that? Or would they just fade away? We’ll never know but one thing I can say is that their mark has been left on music, these legends inspired a new generation to follow what they started. Would Jay-Z be the biggest thing in Hip Hop had Biggie still been here? would Dave Grohl have went on to start the Foo Fighters? Ciara’s entire career fills a void left behind by Aaliyah. I guess it’s one of those big what ifs?

What do you think?


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