As 2010 winds down,(Yeah it’s December in 2 weeks.) magazines and all sorts of other publications will start rolling out their “year-end”, “best of the year”, “year-end countdown” etc. Well GQ got the ball rolling with their annual “Men Of The Year” Issue. Every year they make 5 covers of the men they believe made impact in the year. Last year they had Clint Eastwood, The Hangover Guys, President Obama, Chris Pine and Tom Brady. I ended up getting the Clint Eastwood for some reason every store had only that and the Brady and the Steelers fan in me wasn’t buying that. So who made the cut this year? Toronto’s own Drizzy Drake, Jeff Bridges, Stephen Colbert, James Franco and Babe of the Year Scarlett Johannson. I’m gonna go with the Drake cover, that shouldn’t be hard to find in Toronto. If not Scar Jo is my second choice.

The issue comes out November 23rd.

The Scarlett Johannson cover was massive. If you want to see it

I couldn’t find the final Stephen Colbert, but I figure I’d share it anyway.


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