This Friday Jay-Z added another MC to his growing Roc Nation roster, lyrical mastermind Jay Electronica. It’s safe to say The Roc crashed the net on Friday. J. Cole’s new mixtape release and then this announcement. Roc Nation is turning into the new home for MCs.

What do you think of Jay Electronica signing with Roc Nation?

I think it’s great, Jay-Z looks like he wants lyricists on his label and bring some real Hip-Hop to the masses. Who else could really make Jay Electronica a bigger name worldwide than Jay-Z? He’s the most respected MC in the world! Diddy wasn’t to pleased he went on twitter to complain about it, saying he felt betrayed. I don’t blame Jay E for not going with Puff. When was the last time he put an artist out? This union can be fruitful, think of the collabos Kanye, J. Cole and Jay-Z himself. Roc Nation looks like it could be a powerhouse in 2011. Young Money/Cash Money and G.O.O.D. Music better watch out. I guess now we just have to wait for the music to come. “Shiny Suit Theory” should be dropping this week.


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