The other day I posted this video that slam poet Jasmine Mans did called Nicki Minaj. The poet let’s out her feelings about Nicki and how she feels that she could better and isn’t empowering young women is really just a Barbie doll. Watch it HERE.

Nicki mania is at a high right now you can’t escape her presence. The album is going to drop later this month so everyone is watching the 1st Lady of Young Money.

Do you think Nicki Minaj is good or bad for hip hop and female hip hop?

On one end I think she’s great she’s bringing excitement to the table. She’s fun to watch and listen to. My biggest gripe with Nicki is, what is she talking about? Half of her songs she just puts words together and they sound cool with the she flips her voice and the accents. But when you sit and actually listen its like what are you talking about really? I could see how people think she’s not doing anything empowering cause she just acts like a doll doesn’t say anything. Interesting thing about Nicki she always has clothes on. She has sex appeal but she isn’t selling sex or using her body to sell us on her. Because when you think of Nicki the first things that come to mind are her zany outfits and her rhymes even if they sometimes make no sense. Is she bad for hip hop? Not at all she’s doing her thing and following the trail that was set by Salt N Pepa and Foxy and Kim and everyone that came before her. All we’ve heard are a bunch of singles, I think we can really pass judgement once her album drops.

As for ladies in rap, Nicki is the leading voice and she should act like a leader. All eyes are on her and it’s her time yes, but what about the other ladies out right now. You see how guys will jump on each others records or older MCs co-sign new guys that are hot. Example Jay-Z and Eminem jumping on the Drake train. The ladies need to do the same not to tear Nicki down but join and create some sorta movement that can truly be empowering and monumental for Hip Hop.

Wow that went on longer than it should have. Either way, what are your thoughts on Nicki?


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