Last week Kanye announced that his EP with Jay-Z is now an album.

Do you think a Kanye West and Jay-Z album will ever see the light of day?

I’ll believe it when I see it. We’re talking about the two biggest egos in rap. Kanye’s may be bigger. I’m skeptical simply because look at their collabo track record. In Kanye’s case there isn’t anything to show. He’s talked about countless collabo albums that have spawned zilch. The Mos West album with Mos Def, the Scarface album produced entirely by Kanye and CRS his group with Lupe Fiasco and Pharrell. CRS recently put out a track but still no word on an actual album. Now let’s look at Mr. Carter. The Murder Inc. album with Ja Rule and DMX never materialized to due to Hov’s ego. Now Jay did put out his “Best Of Both Worlds” albums with R. Kelly but both of those albums had disastrous results due to R. Kelly’s sex tape and leaving their tour.

This could be an amazing album lyrically and production wise. I just don’t see their styles working well together. Recently Kanye has out rapped Jay-Z on their songs together. Check “Run This Town” or even last week’s “Joy”. Kanye’s hyper energy with Jay’s laid back style could work or backfire. On paper this sounds good I guess we’ll just have to wait to see if it ever happens. One thing is for sure the tour is gonna cost a grip.

Lemme know your thoughts.

I found a cool pic. Check it out


2 thoughts on “QUESTION OF THE DAY – 11/01/10

  1. I don’t think jay-z’s history is going to impact this project. Since leaving def jam Hov has clearly refocused his vision on legacy versus current trends. By naming Cole & Drizzy as “next” he’s again putting thought of “a limited” run out there. A collabo album would definitely further his legacy & would likely be more lucrative of his collaborator was an artist under his own umbrella (Kanye, Rehanna, J. Cole, B). As for Ye, I think his work ethic/focus would prevent thus from happening. When Ye is into/onto something he takes control & goes all in. A collabo with jay wouldn’t offer him that kind of control. It could also be a dangerous scenario if they have creative differences. Ye did just post he’s setting his goal on becoming the greatest “rapper” of all time. Goin head to head with jay is a great avenue to do it… But will it happen… Not likely. But never say never.

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