Here we are, one week away from one of the best parties this year, SATURDAY NIGHT MAIN EVENT. This is the 3rd one. I did the 1st one in April and that was Neptunes Vs Timbaland. The follow-up to that was Bad Boy VS So So Def. The only way to send of the party was to have a monumental main event, Kanye West Vs Swizz Beatz Vs Just Blaze. Three game changing innovative producers. We all have a track or tracks from these guys that we love to death.

For those of you that may not be familiar with SATURDAY NIGHT MAIN EVENT. Lemme break it down for ya!

The night will consist of 3 battles: Our Main Event & 2 Undercard match ups. With both DJs playing back and forth, the music will flow in a normal mixed format (like a normal party, with no breaks/stops). In this battle there is only one true winner: YOU!

It’s that simple. The Back of the flyer has all the details.

I’m truly excited for this night the battles are incredible. I feel like even the undercards could be main events. Janet Vs Beyonce and Usher Vs Justin Timberlake. This is gonna be nuts. Then the DJs I have both members of Grand Groove going head to head for the first time ever!!!!

If you want something new and very different. On October 23rd I suggest you round-up your friends and fam and make your way to Toika for a battle that will tear the roof off.

Here check out pics from the past two parties. HERE


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