Wow it’s finally come to this. L hit me up way back in February asking if I would like to help him to put out music and be his manager. At the time I was debating jumping into managing an artist but everyone I’d come across just didn’t have a vision or want to really put in work. They did have the talent. What got me with L is he HAS a vision and wants to put in work. So I agreed to come on and give this a shot. He would be my Guinea Pig. (Damn he’s gonna read this!!!)

Funny thing is I never heard him rap until like a month later. Once I did, we went into Warp 9 to find the right music to match L’s brand of hip hop. One of the things that makes L stand out is he doesn’t really sound like anyone out in Toronto or the world for that matter. He really does have his own voice. Finding the sound for him was tricky, L is a picky dude and it’s a good thing he knows what he wants.

After months of searching a friend of mine Nigel told me he had a producer who was a friend but I didn’t know he made beats. It just goes to show sometimes things are staring you right in the face. Well that producer is Nomadic Soul and he played us so many ill beats. Past Due stood out to everyone as that song that L could let out his frustrations and rhymes about his struggle to get where he is right now.

This song is took about two months to craft from settling on the beat, lyrics and right down to the artwork. Well I’m very proud of the final product. And I could ramble on and on about the song. But I’ll save that for VH1 Behind The Music.


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