Toronto based clothing line Martial Artistik will be having a Sample Sale/ Pop Up shop tomorrow afternoon at Tota. If you were at the Freshest Goods Market you would have seen them there. They had the really cool varsity jackets. If you didn’t get to check out their Lookbook below and then head down to Tota (Queen & Bathurst) and grab some stuff from a brand that is going to be makin a lot of noise in Toronto.

Click HERE for the 2010 lookbook. It has the jackets, tees, sweaters and so much more.

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Read The Martial Artistik Mission Statement


A company tailored to combine two very similar cultures while bridging the gap for the everyday student of discipline. Think of us as your mantra when honing your art, and let us be the uniform of independence from the constraints of everyday struggle. School has started. We believe everybody is an artist in their own right. Be it a talented musician or an innovative visual artist, to the graceful yet tough martial artist… whatever it may be, we are all students, constantly learning. Welcome to the university of practice. As a street wear line focusing on inner city life, we reflect the image of a world we see ourselves living in today. The multicultural environment, with resources of knowledge that expand from culture to culture. We respect the legends of yesterday, focusing also on the traditional look of our clothes as an homage to those who have instilled an important lesson to us all. Know your roots. Study hard. As you become that individual who defends his right to learn, please train yourself correctly. Earn your due. Martial Artistik. We got your back.


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