This is a Notaurious Public Service Announcement!!! DO NOT GO AND SEE MY SOUL TO TAKE. I got a free pass to go see it last night. Personally I’m not into horror movies in the theater simply cause watching a scary movie with 50 or more people kinda takes the effect away. Try watching one home alone with the lights out. Waaaaay more fun. Anyways so I get the pass, it says the movie is written and directed by Wes Craven. So after seeing that I thought ok this can actually be good. I mean he created Freddy Kruger and directed the 1st 2 Scream movies. I even asked a friend to come along and she declined cause she said the Trailer and commercials creeped her out. So with that said I’m thinking ok this could be good after all. WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!

The movie isn’t scary at all. It has the usual guy jumps outta here stuff, stupid white girl hears a noise and goes to investigate only to find some dude with a knife and she can’t get away. It’s stuff we’ve seen a 1000 times over. The mystery isn’t a big mystery you kinda figure the whole movie out at the halfway point. The reveal of the killer isn’t anything special neither. It was more like great now I can leave. Honestly the concept coulda worked the soul of a killer coming back to haunt these kids on their 16th birthday. It’s like they took lil bits of Cravens most well-known films A Nightmare On Elm Street and Scream and tried to bring it together but it just didn’t stick.

Save your time and money on a better horror movie this Halloween or we can just wait for Scream 4.


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