Last night and I was playing Jay’s Blueprint 3 while workin on some stuff and it got me thinking. BP3 is probably Jay’s post retirement album. Now I’m playing American Gangster and I like this one a lil bit more.

What is your favorite Jay-Z post retirement album? There are only 3 options Kingdom Come, American Gangster and Blueprint 3. So it’s not hard to make a decision.

Mine is American Gangster the whole concept makes it a strong album same with its amazing production. You can never go wrong with Just Blaze he should be on every Jay album. It also has one of my all time favorite Jay songs on it “I know”. It will probably be the closest thing we ever get to Reasonable Doubt ever get. Plus the guest verses from Lil Wayne, Beanie Sigel and Nas are incredible. You almost feel like Nas is going at Jay. BP3 is a great album but it has some stumbles, the Timbaland beats, “Forever Young” is a crappier but happier version of “Beach Chair” from Kingdom Come. Which is the worst of the three.

Here are the videos for my favorite song off of the album and one of my favorite Jay videos.

Leave a comment to let me know your favorite.


One thought on “QUESTION OF THE DAY – 09/28/10

  1. AG is easily the best one its a classic. Niggas stay sleeping on that album.
    You remember when it came out and heads was saying he still feel off? People were still reeling from the KC album.

    Growth is a hell of a drug. It makes you more aware, but those around you less familiar.
    Those afraid to be different never grow.

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