Saw this on Yahoo tonight. Couldn’t stop laughing at the picture. I agree with it. Can he really fill those shoes? Extending the legend of Lebron James in the house that Jordan built. I hated the fact Lebron wore #23. The NBA should have retired it league wide. But that’s another story. We all are sitting waiting to see what Lebron will do. Chicago? I dunno, he’ll never be able to shake the Jordan comparison if he goes there. No matter where he goes or if he stays put in Cleveland. I don’t see him getting a ring anytime soon.

Chicago daring Lebron like that is pretty cool to me. The city wants a championship and so does Lebron. It’s only right they see if he’s the guy to bring them some more. Plus Lebron doesn’t look like a guy that will back down from a challenge especially one this big. Who knows maybe this could have been his plan all along getting rid of the #23. I mean many teams have had legendary players over the years why can’t Chicago ad another.

Read the full story here.


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