Finally we get to see something from the Micheal Gondry film starring Seth Rogen as The Green Hornet. I’m not super familiar with the Green Hornet character. I know it’s about a newspaper owner who fights crime with his sidekick Kato. I do remember seeing him in that 60s Batman Episode and the TV series with Bruce Lee.

There had always been talk of making a movie for The Green Hornet. At one point there were rumors George Clooney would play the title character. Obviously George didn’t get the part and Seth Rogen will be putting on the green mask alongside Jay Chou who will play his sidekick Kato, played by the legendary Bruce Lee in the 60s series.

I have to say I was a little bit worried about hearing Seth Rogen playing a super hero and then kinda lost interest when Stephen Chow who was supposed to direct backed down then chose to quit, leaving the door open for Gondry to direct and for Chou to play Kato. The trailer looks like it could be a fun time and it has a sort of Lethal Weapon meets Rush Hour vibe to it. The only thing is I wish it wasn’t in 3D.

The movie comes out January 2011.


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