I’m very excited about Scott Pilgrim Vs The World. I remember reading about this movie last summer when it was being shot all over Toronto. Best part it’s based in Toronto. The movie stars Micheal Cera as Scott Pilgrim a bass player in a local band who happens to meet the girl of his dreams. Only problem is in order for him to get her he has to beat her 7 Ex-Evil Boyfriends. The premise is simple but what makes this look so great is the slapstick fun and sped up special effects. It looks like a manga or cartoon come to life, which makes sense since it’s based off of a successful graphic novel.

Well I was surfing the web and happened to stumble upon this newly released Scott Pilgrim Avatar Creator. I have to say I had some fun messing around creating a character that looks like the comic version. Why did I put blue hair? Why not, that’s the fun thing about these avatar creators you can jus about do anything with them.

Make your own HERE.

Check out the trailer


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