Over the years I’ve lent a hand in some of my friends music videos. I don’t really don’t do it unless there’s some reason where I have an actually have something to do other than stand around. At the same time music video sets are fun. All you do is eat food and crack jokes all day. Plus it’s fun to lend a hand. So here are some of my greatest moments on video and the stories behind them. I’m not telling you where to look watch the whole video.


Now this video I wasn’t supposed to be in at all. The plan was for me to get an interview with Eternia for an online magazine I was working with called Beatbox (I wonder where that is????). I had just met Eternia a week before the shoot and had just started to work with Roundtable. We were promoting the release party for her album “It’s Called Life”. I thought it would be a good idea to kill two birds with one stone get an interview and promote the party. So I get to set and It was a lot of hurry up and wait. There was a lot of crowd shots and they needed people to simulate chasing E through Toronto. Funny thing is I remember getting there at 3PM and being there right up to the final take at 1AM running in alleys behind Queen West. All in all it was a productive day got the interview. (Which I’m going to go look for.) And met a lot of people who are still my friends to this day like Mindbender and Ken Masters. Funny thing was I didn’t think anyone would actually see me in the video. Wrong.


I’ll never forget the day I got to the set of this video and saw my name on the casting sheet. Taurean Scotland – Thug #2. I made it, I got to play Thug #2!!! My mom was so proud. Ok all jokes aside. This was fun and I was happy to play Thug #2 in Compton to Scarborough. I went to school with Jamal and we re-connected years later. Well one day I get a call that he needed someone to bring a Scarborough vibe for the song, so of course anything for a friend, plus the song was one of my favorites of theirs. You have to see them do it live. One thing I’ll never forget about this was how cold it was that night. It was one of those -20 February nights. We were lucky cause we got to keep our jackets on, but Neil and Jamal performed take after take in their tees and shirts. I wish I could remember the kid’s name he was mad cool and was a good freestyler. I didn’t even know when this vid came out I just stumbled onto it one night watching Much Music when they played music videos.


I don’t remember how I got talked into this video. I don’t think it was Ayah that asked me to do it. Might have been the director Trevor. Either way I was like sure cause I’ll just wear something from Lounge and get it some product placement. That didn’t work my boy Willis wanted me to wear one of his Peter Franco Sneakers sweater, then Hek from Livestock found out what I was doing, so he tells me wear the new Livestock hat. I’m like great free clothes and all I have to do is stand around in it. Good thing about this video was it was right around the corner from my apartment. This was also the shortest time I ever spent on set. I did my take and was out. I won’t forget the poor squirrel that lost its life during filming. Poor thing got sliced in half by a Streetcar.

SHAD – YAAA, I GET IT (2010)

One day I get a text, come to the new Shad video shoot at some address. I think sure what do I have to lose. I just started to work with L and thought it would be good to bring him along. So I figure we’d just swing by chill out and be out. All I had was an Address and I was told the scene was a concert scene. We get to the spot which turns out to be the Thrush Holmes Empire Gallery. When we get there, this guy says go around the back. So we go around to this spot with some big lumberjack lookin guy asking if we were there for th Shad video. We say yeah, then he opens the door and tells us to go into this dark room down some creepy stairs with no lights. This place looked where a serial killer would hide bodies. We keep walking down this long dusty hallway and follow the sound of this booming beat and find a crowd of people just wilding out to Shad rappin like his life was on the line. It was the last take but it was crazy. Kinda sucked we got their late but I’m like ok we came got some beers and that’s it. Nope, they needed some portraits shots, next thing you know there we are nodding to the beat.

So there it is. My music video adventures. I doubt these will be the last.


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